M'eggbot (EN)

The M'eggbot. The most recente product of COBOT Automation.   (Voor Nederlands: klik hier)

The most compact and affordabel solution in the market for full-automatic loading eggs on pallets. A complete unique concept where there was no other suitable and affordable solution available.

The marked request was especially for an affordable and very compacdt solution for palletising eggs applying plastic trays and without further requiremens for extra pallet loading places or handling carton trays.

Main key-concepts of the M'eggbot are:

  • the most compact solution: floor surface only plm. 1,95x2,20 meter with a required height of 2,6 meter (5 high)
  • good prices
  • option for 6 high
  • no compressed air required
  • parts are of stainless steel
  • low-noise with the application of toothed belts
  • no fencing required because of the low speed, but still privided with safety light curtains around
  • accurate positioning with the use of servo motors and own PLC control
  • capacity of 35.000 eggs per hour with a suffcient buffer

Would you prefer a number of loading places,  number of types or use carton trays ? Please go for our 6-axis robot solutions.

VIV Exhibition Utrecht 20-22 June 2018. There was so much interest in M’eggbot egg palletiser. Thanks to people from UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Czech, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Israel, USA, Canada, Australia.

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