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Products for handling eggs

Whether you process 25,000 eggs daily as an organic poultry farmer or pick and process hatching trays in a hatchery; with our products, improvement and simplification of your processing capacity is guaranteed.

Compact solutions make automatic palatizing available to everyone!

Meggbot TP100

Compact and affordable

Main features
•Most affordable solutions
• Compact size of 2×2 meters
•36,000 eggs per hour

Meggbot TP100+

Compact with Pallet Buffer

Main features
• Automatic output
• Palletstorage
•36,000 eggs per hour

Robot KC160

Many setup options

Main features
• Multiple loading points
• Also suitable for pulp trays
• 120,000 eggs per hour

Robot KB25

Hatching trays and pulp trays

Main features
• Up to 2 trolley places
• Palletizing of pulp trays
• Refill of the denester


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